FOR REVIEW: 11 page preview

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First Print!!!

•March 17, 2011 • 1 Comment

Hello, Everyone!!!

I’m happy to show you the first print that I’ve done myself of DEATH TAX issue one. These bad boys are ready for WonderCon in two weeks, where I’ll be distributing copies to potential editors/publishers.

By going the extra mile to hand potential editors/publishers a printed copy of my comic, I’m displaying a high level of commitment, and the ability to put a book together. With that said, there are tons of other creators who’ve gone this extra mile, I’m just hoping for a little luck that any writer needs to break into publishing.

Stay tuned for updates…

5 Page Preview with NEW COVER!

•January 31, 2011 • 15 Comments

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to give you a peek at the new cover courtesy of David James Cole! I want to also thank my very talented brother, Justin, for the bold and fantastic title design. Renzo will be painting the cover, stay tuned for that update!

Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by!

NOTE: We’re only TWO weeks away from completing the first issue, and then it’s off to the desk of an assistant editor for review! Fingers crossed!!!

Introducing Renzo Podesta!

•December 14, 2010 • 5 Comments

Hey everyone!

I’m proud to announce that my new artist, Renzo Podesta, has completed work on pages 1-5. I will attach the new pages soon so you all can see the new direction (art-wise) the book is going.

Work on pages 6-13 will begin this friday! Which means we’re right on track to completing the first issue by mid-february!

Please leave a comment on your thoughts of the new art style!

NOTE: Renzo has recently been published by Image Comics! His work on Charles Soule’s comic ’27’ has just hit stores! Pick up a copy if you can find one! Below is a sample of Renzo’s style from TWENTY-SEVEN #1.

Character Sketches!

•November 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

Renzo just sent me these sketches of Jonah and Sarah to approve. And boy, do I! How awesome!!!

He’ll be sending me penciled pages in a couple days. I certainly know one of the things I’ll be most thankful for this year! A talented and committed artist!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!



New Artist Attached!

•November 19, 2010 • 3 Comments

Hey Everyone,

Been awhile since I posted anything, but I have exciting news about the book. I have recently made a connection with the wildly talented Renzo Podesta, who’s agreed to work on Death Tax! The image attached to this post is a sample of Renzo’s style. It’s gonna look great! He’s recently been published by Image for his work on Charles Soule’s comic ’27,’ which hits shelves in a couple weeks.

The original artist, David James Cole, has had to bow out due to pre-existing obligations. He has agreed to produce all five covers for each issue though!

I have received interest from a very well known publisher, but due to the creator-owned nature of my comic, they’re suggesting I re-submit a complete first issue.

So that is the current goal, I should have the first issue complete by February, and ready to shop around during WonderCon in San Francisco in April.

Stay Tuned for more updates!


•October 25, 2010 • 3 Comments

Here is the mock cover and pages 1-5 from the very talented David James Cole!

I received a lot of great advice from Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer, Steven T. Seagle, Gabriel Ba/Fabio Moon, Cameron Stewart, Dark Horse Editor Chris Warner, and several other friends/creators that I saw at NYCC. Let’s hope that I luck out with the half dozen blind submissions I sent out, and that someone bites.